The Book of Khalid the Movie

A cycle of short mixed-media animations loosely transcribing The Book of Khalid (1911) by my relative Ameen Rihani. The video was produced in stereoscopic 3D, the tension between the two optical channels relating to the dual protagonists of this forgotten proto-Orientalist novel.

This series of works arose from the study of Little Syria , and is to some extent a culmination of the Little Syria Archive and related preservation work.

Pull My Daisy

In 2006, I found myself squatting in Allen Ginsberg’s derelict East Village Apartment. The next two years of cohabitation occasioned a series of animations, collaborations with other artists, and ultimately a re-creation of the 1959 Robert Frank / Alfred Leslie film, “Pull My Daisy”. This recreation incorporates the tension between individual authorship, collaboration, and improvisation that defined the original production, and our original footage has evolved into an ongoing series of improvisational quasi-narrative performance/screenings between myself and musician Baby Copperhead.